A Life Lived With Wings, by Jennifer Angelina Petro

A Life Lived With Wings


Jennifer Angelina Petro




A Life Lived with Wings,

By Jennifer Angelina Petro



You see the opening
From which the wings unfurl                                                                                                                                 Swirling rainbows,
From which the champagne
Colored eyes saw a multitude of skies,
From that opening, from that
Wound that started like an insatiable itch,                                                                                                                From that space and focus of pain
Bloomed the song of summer,
Birthed a patient hider,
A thrower of voices,
A winged symbol
Of resilience–Stay underground
For as long as you need–
Seventeen years or forty-seven,
However long–nurse
The roots, absorb moon-drenched
Waters, clothe yourself in earth
Until your back thrums,
Until what little, stumbling                                                                                                                                     Strength you have turns
Into grappling hooks
And you find yourself
Emerging from your own life–
Climbing towards what you want,
Until you can say, like me,
I am the walking opening,
I am the living wound,
I am the giving birth,
I am the one with rainbows
In my eyes, I am the one
Who sings deep into the sky
The story of a life lived
With wings.






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