Yes and Because, by Radiance Angelina Petro

Yes and Because


Radiance Angelina Petro



“Because,” say the lavender colored peonies.

“Why shouldn’t we?” say the red tulips and yellow daffodils.

Bees hover and bob their diligent-honeyed answer: “because, why not?”

Cherry blossom petals by the thousands whisper

as they sail into the wind: “It cannot be otherwise.”

The magnolia trees nod in agreement,

and the evening sun-glinted-murmurating sparrows

sporting with the sky sing as one: “It’s true.”

From tadpoles wiggling in green-bordered ponds,

lifting themselves from muck and silt to sun and moon,

to the humpback whale arcing an impossible turn into the air–

they all say: “Yes! It is always yes and because!”

And I keep walking, remembering once again

with every step—the ever shining answer to the lie-

constructed question—no matter the doubts,

no matter the feelings or lack thereof—

I am loved, and why doesn’t matter.

I am worthy because.

And these answers will forever

and ever be the same

to each and every question.