Your Heart’s Desire–the Launch–and Paragraph I

Welcome to Your Heart’s Desire

Are you struggling with where you are (or aren’t) in life? 

Are you wallowing away in a job you hate? 

Is your life stale and unfulfilling? 

Are you a teenager anxious about not knowing what major to choose

or what you want to do “when you grow up?” 

Are you a teenager who has dreams of doing something big,

but are surrounded by naysayers, and so have no hope? 

Are you retired but feeling empty,

 like there’s something else out there you might want to do,

but aren’t sure what it is? 

Are you happily employed yet carry within you

a secret, “frivolous” dream you would “someday” like to achieve? 

Do you feel worthy to prosper

and have everything you ever wanted? 

Do you believe in doing what you love

or just working at any job as long as the bills get paid? 

Are you a busy mom or dad with young children (or old children)

who, while you love being a parent, have the thought:

“I wish I could do such and such, but there’s no time or money or energy?” 

Have you sacrificed your dreams at the altar of

“it’s too late now,” or “it just wasn’t meant to be?”

Do you have talents and gifts you are afraid to use

for fear of what others might say? 

Do you have special, tucked-away dreams

you’d like to achieve but feel you would be being disloyal

 to your parents, spouse, children, or siblings

if you really stepped out and made them real? 

Do you feel like your life is empty and meaningless? 

Do you start things with a big flourish, but never see them through? 

Are you forever trying to figure out what God’s plan is for you,

but are never quite sure what it is? 

Have you lost your passion for life?

Do you have any dream;

regardless of how old you are

or what status you have in life,

where you think: “Oh, I could never do that?” 

Are you simply looking

for the most wonderful, exciting, interesting,

and rewarding adventure of a life time?

Then I am truly glad you’re here.

For you about to discover

Your Heart’s Desire

Over the next few months we are going on an exciting journey together.  We are going to discover your heart’s desire
You might already know what your heart’s desire is,
but it is my hope that your heart has many desires. 
So stay with us.  There isn’t a finish line.

Every Wednesday we will be reading a different paragraph from a chapter called, Your Heart’s Desire, from Emmet Fox’s book, Power Through Constructive Thinking.  We will keep going until we have read the entire chapter.  After each paragraph I will share commentary, questions, and exercises to help guide you through the chapter and towards your heart’s desire.  Some of the questions and exercises are easy, others challenging.  You may feel tempted to turn back and quit.  I encourage you to stick with it and see it through.  Achieving your heart’s desire takes commitment and effort.  This journey is not, shall we say, for the faint of heart.  If you are willing to do whatever it (lawfully) takes to achieve your heart’s desire, then you are in the right place.  This could very well be the most important journey you have ever been on.  If you see it through, it will be.

But fear not, we are going together.  You can add comments and questions about your experiences or write to my personal email ( if you have any questions you’d rather not share publicly. 

I have worked through this chapter myself, so I know how to navigate you through it.  In addition, and more importantly so, the Wonder Child will be your constant companion.  For once you start this journey, God gets excited, and walks with you the whole way.  The journey will help you find your heart’s desire, and it will also help you discover who you really are.  I have found that once you find one, you find the other, but more on that later.

I recommend you buddy up with a friend and travel this road with them.  It will help you enormously to find an open-minded partner willing to walk the path to your destiny with you.  You can encourage and support each other over the bumpy parts and celebrate with each other when you achieve your goals.

If you want to read ahead, you can purchase the book from Amazon(Power Through Constructive Thinking) or just read along, little by little right here at the Wonder Child Blog.  Go slow, go far, they say.

Please take every question and exercise seriously.  Really think about them.  Try not to write “yes” or “no” answers.  Flesh them out a little bit.  The more honest and clear you can be with yourself, the easier you make the path for your heart’s desire to find you.

Once again, welcome.  I am truly glad you’re here

Your heart’s desire has arrived.

Sincerely, Joseph Anthony

Let’s begin.


Your Heart’s Desire, by Emmet Fox

Questions and Exercises by Joseph Anthony

*Note:  You might want to keep your answers in a journal.

Paragraph 1

An old adage says: “God has a plan for every man, and He has a plan for you,” and this is absolutely correct.  Your real problem, therefore, in fact the only problem that you ever have, is to find your true place in life.  Find that, and everything else will follow almost automatically.  You will be perfectly happy; and upon happiness, health will follow.  You will be really prosperous.  You will have all the supply that you require to meet your needs, and this means that you will have perfect freedom; for poverty and freedom cannot go together.  Until you do find your true place in life, however, you will never really be happy, no matter how much money or distinction you may acquire; and until you are happy, you will neither be healthy nor free.


When I first read this paragraph, I had thoughts like: “Yeah, right.  That’s a bunch of malarkey.  It might be true for other people, but not me.”  Pay attention to your feelings, and more importantly, keep an open mind.  Emmet writes with authority and this can be off-putting for some.  But he speaks from deep spiritual as well as practical experience.  He writes as someone who has been there, and he has, so you can trust him.

Question 1
: How did this paragraph make you feel?  

Question 2: Do you agree with his assertion that “Your real problem, therefore, in fact the only problem that you ever have, is to find your true place in life?”  


Question 3: Do you believe Mr. Fox when he says once you find your true place, everything will not only work out, but your life will blossom and prosper? 


Question 4: Do you believe in God?  I am mean really and truly?



Exercise 1:  Reflect on and describe your personal vision of God. 



Exercise 2:  Reflect on and describe whether or not you feel like you deserve to be happy and prosperous. 

Congratulations!  You have begun!  Come back next Wednesday for Part 2, and write down any thoughts, feelings, or questions that might come up as the week goes on.  There is a lot of information here, and a lot of difficult feelings may come up, so please stay connected with me, your buddy, and the other readers who are following their dreams. Cheers.

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Self Expression


I love this phrase:  It literally means, squeeze yourself, press yourself out.  And this can be taken to mean a few different things that are actually all related.  One is press or squeeze your “self” out—the selfishness, the greed, the fear.  The other is press or squeeze your “self” out—your real self, the self God wants you to be; the self that is joyously and wonderfully perfectly imperfect.  I’ll get to one other way to look at this phrase in a moment, but first I want to talk a little more about these first two ways of viewing the phrase: express yourself.

Either one of these ways implies suffering.  Pressing out your self-centeredness hurts.   Squeezing out from under the heavy rocks of your doubts and fears isn’t easy either.  Likewise, letting your real, talented, lovely, and beautiful self out hurts too.  And there is risk involved.  Others might not approve.  Others might be jealous.  Others might be frightened when you step into your power and make significant, radical, and lasting changes.

Yet both of these types of expressions yield fruit.  If we think of squeezing the juice from lemons and then making lemonade, we can imagine there being something good on the other side of our suffering.  If we imagine pressing the oil from olives to make olive oil and then cook up a yummy meal, we can imagine there being joy on the other side of the pain.

So keep discovering who you really are.  Keep living your dreams.  Express yourself and rejoice.  And as long as your self expression is lawful, and for the true betterment of the world, there is nothing to fear. 

And this brings us to the last way I want to talk about expressing yourself.  Deep down, within all of us, is a Larger Self—a Divine Self—the Wonder Child.   Try expressing That, and see how your life and the lives of those around you change for the better.   Allow This to be pressed out from under the heavy rocks of inhibition and doubt.  Let This shine forth from the under the veil of dark fears and resentments.  Share This Self by being yourself, and all will be right with the world.

Wednesday, April 27th

Your Heart’s Desire arrives


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The word individual, is interesting.  Or should I say, the fact that society has tinkered with its definition over the years is interesting.  Individual, actually means indivisible,—something that can’t be divided, or inseparable—something that can’t be separated.   In our modern English language we use the word to mean a particular someonea distinct entity—the rugged individualist.  In fact, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary declares that the original meaning of individual is obsolete.  Is that true however?  Can a dictionary editor wipe definitions of words out of existence with a wave of a pen? 

We need, perhaps more than ever, to be individuals in the truest, original sense of the word.  Not only do we need to keep ourselves from being splintered into many different fragments—husband, father, mother, worker, student, brother, sister, Republican, Catholic, soccer coach, etc, but we need to join in with a group of like-minded people, a Mastermind Group, as Napoleon Hill calls it.  We need more community and less isolation; more sharing and less hoarding; more paying it forward and less, where’s mine?

And that is what we are doing right now, sharing this page together.  We are a like-minded group building an ever-widening community.  We are one indivisible entity traveling the journey within together.   We are Wonder Children seeking to shine their Light in the world.  We are inseparable.  And as we shine together, we see more clearly our heart’s desire. 

Your Heart’s Desire is on the way…and YOU are attracting it.

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There’s Something Else

It’s in that far away place

marked,  “Open Upon Receipt.”

And it comes to you—a door

floating in the air, and settles down

near the bed.  You get up and go through.

 It flies backwards and backwards, tumbling, like

a memory you’d rather relive

than remember. 

When it stops, you open it,

careful not to wake the sleeping giant

hunched over in his chair. 

But there’s a golden quill pen in his hand. 

Sure, you’re small.

You could sail in a walnut shell

if you had to.  So what? 

He won’t stay sleeping forever.

And there’s entire villages of pages

waiting to hear word

of what happens next.

–Joseph Anthony


Your Heart’s Desire is on the way…

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The Creator is lavishly abundant—wildly abundant.  A salmon lays around 3,000 eggs.  A typical frog lays around 20,000.  A fully grown oak tree produces over 2,000 acorns.  A swan can have over 20,000 feathers.  And while no one knows for sure, some scientists estimate that the average human body has over 100 trillion cells.  There are about 300,000 different kinds of plants.  There are over 7,000 different varieties of apples alone!  Some experts believe there are somewhere between 1 and 10 million different kinds of insects in the world.  The Atlantic Ocean has approximately 17 quadrillion gallons of water.  That’s 17 followed by 15 zero’s.  The Pacific Ocean has around 35 quadrillion.  That’s a lot.  Astronomers think there are over 200 billion stars in the Milky Way.  And there are 100’s of billions of galaxies. 

Of course we know only a small percentage of those salmon eggs will survive.  Same with the frog eggs.  That’s the scientific reason there is so much of everything in nature—survival.  And that’s true.  It is also true that the Creator is lavishly abundant.  When the paints come out not only the canvas, but the whole room gets filled with color.

Imagine whirling in a shower of cherry blossoms.  Imagine a field of white, wild flowers—dazzling your eyes in the sun.  Imagine a school of blue and yellow neon fish, thousands of them darting, dipping, and rising as one.  Imagine a flock of barn swallows doing the same over a cornfield along the turnpike.  Imagine each slender palm on each thick stalk of corn that opens its lemon-gold packages to the sky, has around 700 kernels.

The Creator made an abundant universe and an abundant Earth.  If this is so for the world of nature, and we are surely a part of the Whole, then why would we ever fear lack?  Why would we ever fear anything?  The Creator lavishes us with a thousand, thousand snowflakes, each different, and crystalinely brilliant.  How much more so then with us?

Yes, eventually our bodies will melt away too, dust to dust, but our spirits are eternal.  The Creator didn’t just create us to live a handful of decades.  We are designed to live forever.  Lavishly abundant indeed. 

Not only that, but just as the tadpole becomes a golden-eyed leaper, and the gluttonous caterpillar becomes a nectar sipping, bejeweled wisp of a flyer, and just as the river becomes the sea, we too pass through our own stages of metamorphosis to become winged, golden-eyed things, soaring through mansions and gardens and ponds of glory.  So why fear anything?

There are riches aplenty.  There are resources aplenty.  Dream your dreams lavishly.  Imagine your possibilities with the flair of a giant flock of penguins torpedoing into the breath-seizing water.  Visualize your plans with the audacity of the horizon—sun-filled, moon-filled, and lightening-filled—stretching as far as the eye can see.  Lavish your dreams with fearless creativity—then go, make them real, they are flowing towards you already.

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