The word individual, is interesting.  Or should I say, the fact that society has tinkered with its definition over the years is interesting.  Individual, actually means indivisible,—something that can’t be divided, or inseparable—something that can’t be separated.   In our modern English language we use the word to mean a particular someonea distinct entity—the rugged individualist.  In fact, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary declares that the original meaning of individual is obsolete.  Is that true however?  Can a dictionary editor wipe definitions of words out of existence with a wave of a pen? 

We need, perhaps more than ever, to be individuals in the truest, original sense of the word.  Not only do we need to keep ourselves from being splintered into many different fragments—husband, father, mother, worker, student, brother, sister, Republican, Catholic, soccer coach, etc, but we need to join in with a group of like-minded people, a Mastermind Group, as Napoleon Hill calls it.  We need more community and less isolation; more sharing and less hoarding; more paying it forward and less, where’s mine?

And that is what we are doing right now, sharing this page together.  We are a like-minded group building an ever-widening community.  We are one indivisible entity traveling the journey within together.   We are Wonder Children seeking to shine their Light in the world.  We are inseparable.  And as we shine together, we see more clearly our heart’s desire. 

Your Heart’s Desire is on the way…and YOU are attracting it.

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