Happy Michaelmas, Walk With an Angel and a Dragon Today

A Michaelmas

From Joseph Anthony


Happy Michaelmas, the
Feast of the Archangel Michael.  St. Michael
helps bring in the harvest of the fruits of your labors–spiritual harvest–the
many ways you have grown this year. In the old legends he slays the dragon.
Some need that image of permanently conquering a foe. Others prefer new legends
in which the dragon is befriended, the destructive energy transformed into
healing, the power of fire channeled to help change the world. So instead of
battling the dragon–dance with the dragon, sing with the dragon, look into its
eyes and see yourself, and then use its gifts to help you grow in this time of
changing colors and crisp, bright blue skies, this time of endings and the
beginning of the coming of winter. What dragons in your life need attention
from an angel? Let your every step be a prayer so that you may walk side by
side with a winged fire bearer and Michael, both dragons, both angels, both
there for your spiritual harvest.

Peace, Joseph

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The Crow and the Pitcher: Fables for Success, Part 1

The Crow and the Pitcher:

Fables For Success, Part One


Joseph Anthony


So the story
goes* of a thirsty crow circling over a field on a late summer afternoon.  With rainbows hidden in its wings and drops
of blood for its eyes, the thirsty crow flew in search of water.  Its throat was parched making its caw-caw more brittle and abrasive than
usual.  Still it could find no
water.  The crow alighted on the top
branch of a tree and patiently looked around. 
There sitting on a rock perhaps left by one of the farmers who had sat
down for a break, was a pitcher.  Curious,
and with a glimmer of hope sparking through its chest, the crow flew down, gave
a few caws, and looked in.  Sure enough—water.  The grateful crow dipped its beak into the
opening of the pitcher, but it could not reach the water inside.  So close. 
So horribly close to quenching its thirst, but it couldn’t reach the
water.  The crow tried tipping the
pitcher but the pitcher was too heavy. 
It tried cawing at the pitcher with all its might and still the pitcher
did not pour its contents into its dry, gleaming, crooked beak.  The crow marched around the pitcher, looking
everything like an angry shadow.  It kicked
a stone and then, with the image of having that water flowing down its dry throat
utmost in its mind, it had an idea.  It
picked up a rock in its beak and dropped it into the pitcher.  Nothing happened.  The idea flew through its mind however like a
flock of crows at dawn and he feverishly yet determinedly added stone after
stone, rock after rock and soon, yes, it was working—the water began to rise,
rise closer to its beak until, at last, after a long time dedicated to this
seemingly pointless task, the crow with the rainbows hidden in its wings,
lowered its beak into the pitcher and drank. 
It drank until its throat was cooled, soothed.  It drank until its body was refreshed and the
space within its bones felt light again, wanting sky.  Satisfied the crow strutted away from the
pitcher and then, with a triumphant caw-caw,
it rose into the afternoon sky to go exploring and to share its joy with the



Know what
you desire.  Know what you are thirsty
for.  Then go get it.  Keep the image of your desire upper most in
your mind and when you get close, and something seemingly goes wrong, or
presents a block, stick with it.  Don’t
give up.  You might be seconds or inches
away from success. Hold the vision.  Let
your thirst inform your imagination. 
Examine your surroundings.  Vent
if you need too.  Sometimes it feels
frustrating.  Go ahead, kick up some dust
(just not in anyone’s eyes, especially your own); whine if you need to–but
keep dreaming.  Know that no matter how
dark you may feel, no matter how many doubts flock towards you, there are
rainbows within the secret folds of your doubts and fears—they are the keys to
your courage and faith.  They are the
wings that will carry you in the direction you must go.  Use your head, and heart.  Think. And when the solution comes, because it will,
be ready for the inspiration, be ready to act—no matter how seemingly small the
action—pick up the stone, and then keep going. 
Stone by stone, do the little things. 
Stay devoted to the thirst, to your desire, and watch success rise to
meet you.  Delight in that success
too.  Drink your fill.  Let it flow through you and lift you to new
heights.  Let it soothe your voice, and
then, know this: The world is waiting.  Share your triumph. Share your joy, your
success.  Tell the world how you didn’t
give up.  Be an inspiration to someone
else, and soar, soar with the water of life flowing through your veins.

*This post is based on Aesop’s fable, the Crow and the Pitcher

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