Invisible, Yet Ready, by Radiance Angelina Petro

Invisible, yet Ready

By Radiance Angelina Petro

March 29th, 2023




When you come to the end

of the road, and the path behind

is no longer viable, and the way ahead

seems unlikely—since it is in fact, gone,

take that one more step, even if

it drops into nothing, which, in all

probability, it will.

That’s where grace lives.

That’s where dragons await

with wings ready to part.

So then, fall—

it’s not as if you have a choice

in the matter anyway now.  Gravity still works

in the unknowable.  But so does unreasonable

love.  The kind that comes out of nowhere,

the kind that catches you when you fall,

the kind that suddenly lifts you

and sets you down onto an emerging road—

the kind of love where the remarkable

breathes fire and roars you back into your life,

the kind that walks beside you—invisible yet ready,

at a moment’s notice, to step in front and clear the way—

the way that curves toward a previously unseen horizon—

where a destination calls you forward, one that stays

one step ahead, while at the same time

embracing you as the sea embraces the shore–

one that is, ever was, ever shall be yours

and yours never once to walk alone.