Let the Day Be Praised, by Radiance Angelina Petro

Let the Day Be Praised


Radiance Angelina Petro



Rise from the deep

blue womb of the ocean,

and walk, ungarlanded,

to the tide-swept shore.

Blow a kiss to the past,

and be nourished by froth

and waves, and the strong

togetherness of feet and ground.

Assemble your wishes—

there is no more taking time,

no more time-keeping,

no lengths of time to follow.

Focus on the spot in the skull

that radiates tones—hear them

in advance—their floating, ringing

resonances tickling your insides.

The lungs want air–

sing with your whole body–

let the day be praised–

as one step flows into another,

and a rhythm emerges.

Let the dead watch you go

as you declare your intention—

deep and strong.

Soon you will be armed

with flames and arrows,

as you storm the horizon,

letting the world see

who you really are.