Messages From the Child, Part III

Messages From the Child, Part III

Moving through the fog of grieving, one looks for light and
listens for music. 

They are there. Let your tears clear the way.

There exists cosmic order. When the inspiration comes to
give of yourself and you give, 

know you are a part of a Divine celebration.

Write your biography in the pages of the world with the
words of your deeds,

and the empty space you leave for angels to fill with

Hold the silence of your dreams like a trembling bird, 

when you finally open your life, 

the song it sings will soar into the heavens.

Where warmth meets light, where matter meets spirit, where
intuition meets thought, there revolve worlds of endless creativity and

One needn’t question why the inspiration comes. Simply keep
your hands open, 

and watch in wonder as it flows through like healing water.


Copyright Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog