A Meditation on Spring, by Guest Writer, Diana Saldívar

 Dear Wonder Child Blog Readers,

I am delighted to
introduce to you
Diana Saldívar, a guest
writer today at the Wonder Child Blog. 
Diana and I met on my Musical You Tube Channel where she was kind enough
to write gracious comments on many of my songs. 
As we began corresponding I was struck by her lovely, ecstatic, stream-of-consciousness
style of writing.  Her joy for the
creation and the Creator seemed like the perfect fit for the Wonder Child
Blog.  We’ve had several guest writers
over the years (Jean RaffaDeirdre Boydmy friend Lefty, and others), but none recently. 
So it is with great pleasure I bring you a mediation on spring by
Diana.  Oh, and please check out her blog, A Place of Warmth.


Spring is:

Forever and ever the true essence of creation all to be born
over again over again …the AWWW and opening of eyes to see the unborn emerge
and arise…. to flutter and bloom from all about and everywhere  and the
warmth of the glow of our Loving Creator Father through Golden Sun … It is
the energy to run after the deep sleep and drowsy winter cold days …it is to
watch the snow melt and the flocks of geese returning…It is to feel youth and
it is the watch love in action through hand in hand walks and lover´s whispers
and sighs… it is to watch the  spirits that  caress the evergreen
land of hope and the luxurious breath of illusion …it is the Planter of time.
To the Fertile soul… it is the time to plan…it is the joyous  time to repaint
our thought and refurbish our hearts with the cute little walk of  Mrs.
Lady  Red Polka-dotted Coat bug …and even more so  to twine and
unwind in dreamland with the fast delightening breeze of Mr. Hummingbird’s
wings …to see the bright petals unveil the infinite beauty be held in the
rose who has been placed as the queen of the congregation of sweet smelling
 creatures as if  it were heaven´s  scent …Spring is and is
again for evermore the world of beauty to be explored in every heart and every mind
we come about to forever find the details to the silent signs always
communicating the wondrous beauty  of the Great Artist´s hand to let us
behold a bit of His                             Glory here below .                     

So may it be Sow.


Diana Saldívar is a teacher living in Mexico. She is married
to Anthony Grado, and is the mother of two children and also is grandmother of
3.  Born and raised in Canada by Mexican
parents who always encouraged art work and writing as well as searching for
wisdom in God.  As far back as she can remember
she would write short insights of her daily perceptions of life.  She would go off to some solitary place to
sing and gaze at creation.  It could be
the woods or the stream or even a pond. 
There in her young eyes she saw life as a wonderland of beauty.  At the age of 11 she wrote her first short
story.  It was called  “Rene the Dear.”  The story was chosen as a prize winner in a
local contest.  From then on she wrote
inventive stories and insightful, spiritual poetry.  She even uses her own illustrations.  Her religious background and faith were based
upon the traditional church of her family but her urge to find peace and well-being
has made her explore all belief systems and cultures.  And ultimately she has found true guidance
from the Source and Creator of all things deep within the soul and heart where
the truth is implanted and abundance lies and gratitude never ends.  In 1972 her parents chose to return to their
homeland Mexico, where she has been living ever since teaching English and art
to young and old.

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