Relax, You Will Not Be Eaten by Bears Even if You Think a Lot About Being Eaten by Bears, By Jennifer Angelina Petro

Relax, You Will Not Be Eaten by Bears

Even if You Think a Lot

About Being Eaten by Bears


Jennifer Angelina Petro



I saw this ad on my Facebook sidebar that said something like: “You become what you think about,” and, “think happy,” and it got me thinking and feeling annoyed.

Yes, thoughts are things, but do you know what a thought actually is?  I mean really?

Is a thought the stuff that drifts through your head like air through an open window, or static on a radio?  Is it something you create out of your own “mind-stuffs”—in other words is a thought is something you “think it up?”  Is that a thought?

I ask because some people who push things like the Law of Attraction (and I know this because I used to push it myself) haven’t a clue what they are talking about (just like I didn’t), and, as a result, they hurt people, frighten people, helped people feel powerless and defeated.  And that sucks.  Big time.  I am making amends for my past stupidity and this article is part of that process.

Here’s the deal:


1). If you spend a lot of time thinking about ashtrays, you will not become an ashtray.

2). If you spend a lot of time thinking about medicine you will not become a doctor.  You might become a doctor, but it wouldn’t be because you thought about medicine day in day out.  It would because you studied and worked hard and got yourself into debt over college loans for the rest of your life.

3). Most of what passes for “thinking,” isn’t.


Let’s use some negative reasoning to help us understand what thinking is not.

Thinking is not all the afore mentioned stuff that drifts and sifts and dusts itself through your head.

Thinking is not all the “mindless” listening to NPR or the chatter of other people on the subway (yes, I used the word, “subway,” on purpose to make an allusion to the subconscious.  Some would argue we actually live based on what’s stored (collecting dust) in the attics (basements, dungeons, silos) of our subconscious minds.  This is like believing I am suffering in this lifetime for something I did, but cannot remember doing, in another lifetime.  It is a cruel idea.  It is like saying: “Here, YOU suffer for things unknown.  YOU suffer because I suffer and don’t know why I suffer, but I am going to tell you why YOU suffer.”).

Thinking is not all the stuff you “think” about in a given day—the bills, the bad drivers, the fate of the nation, etc.

And now what I am about to say will sound like a contradiction:

Those things just mentioned above are all examples of “thoughts” yes, but only if we believe the definition of a thought as being anything that just so happens to be in your head at any given moment.  But I don’t categorize these things as the kinds of thoughts that can be properly put into the file of, “thinking,” because they are not the kinds that can ever have truly creative properties.

So please, stop worrying about becoming bipolar because you think about bipolarism.  Please stop worrying you are going to get eaten by a shark because you watch so many shark attack videos.  Please stop worrying that your house will be robbed because you worry about your house being robbed.

Our fears do not, I repeat, do not, attract the things we fear into our lives.  Promise.

I mentioned there are thoughts that have creative properties however.  What kinds of thoughts are these?

They are the ones you invest your heart into.  Thoughts that you think with your heart in addition to your head—those are powerful things; things that can bring about great changes in the world and within yourself.  Here’s why:

Thoughts themselves are images really—sense impressions/impulses flashed on the screen of the mind—they are largely static, lifeless things, sort of like random magnetic poetry words on a refrigerator. However, once you stop, focus, draw your feelings up from your body, from your heart, suddenly those plain, “meaningless” thoughts begin to take form, shape, make sense, create beauty, excitement, dialog, poetry.  YOU have to rearrange them though, like the magnetic words on the fridge. You give them meaning by what you DO with them and how you FEEL about them.  In other words, thoughts can become powerful creational tools when infused with the heart, the soul, the spirit, and most of all, actions.

If you “think” a lot about being attacked by bears but never go into the woods, you’re probably safe from bear attacks.  If you “think” about bear attacks AND THEN go out into places where bears live and you drag around slabs of meat and cart along backpacks full of honeypots, well, then, you might just become bear poop in the very near future.

You see the difference?  One is empty(ish) and the other is boosted with actions.

I suffer from clinical depression.  I have spent many years in various forms of dissociative states.  I am a trauma survivor and someone who suffers from PTSD.  The last thing I need to hear is “think happy thoughts and you will start farting rainbows, and dancing around happy as a well, farting unicorn.”  The last thing I need to hear is “if only you would discipline your thinking to think positive thoughts you would be happy.”

There are times in my life when asking me to think positive thoughts is like asking someone without legs to get up and run.  I simply cannot do it.  I am not choosing to be mentally ill.  I have not chosen to be unhappy.  And I haven’t become depressed by simply thinking depressing thoughts any more than I will become taller by thinking about stilts.

People who find success with positive thinking are probably not as fundamentally ill as I am, and I am tired of being shamed for not being able to think as happily as you.

It’s similar with the Law of Attraction (LOA) cult.  Yes, my thoughts are things, but they are not homeopathic.  They will not attract other similar thoughts and thus, eventually, the desired thing (usually money, success, a relationship, a yacht) (nothing wrong with wanting any of these things, wanting is good, I am just pointing out the LOA cult leaders prey on people who are often economically disadvantaged, the lonely, the down-trodden, the ones who, forgive me for saying so, but who do not think clearly because they CAN’T).

The only kinds of thoughts that will attract other similar thoughts are the ones you think with your heart and hands.  The ones you put your blood, sweat, and tears into.  Things you love.  Things you not only desire, but know are true and good for yourself and the world.

Of course, positive affirmations and positive thinking is a good “idea.”  If it helps, go to town.

So, instead of telling me to “think positive” and to just “be happy,” or to just remember, “thoughts are things,” tell me you love me.  Tell me you’re here to listen.  Tell me you will drive me to my therapy appointment or come out for a cup of tea with me.  Tell me you’re sorry and that you care.  Whatever you do, know that I am listening to you and that it would be great if I knew we could stand together in the world, and not worry together about being eaten by bears.







Thoughts From the Heart, Part III, The Way of Being

From the Heart, Part III

Collection of Random Musings and Inspirations,

By Joseph


is a way of being who you are that matters most.                                                                                          It is the way of being that
sings of wonder,                                                                                            and a deep
sense of radiant gratitude.     



As you
walk through the dark woods, open your hand.
the good spirit slip her hand into yours,                                                                                                and watch the darkness open into

your heart a seed. Inside the seed your heart.
inside this shared space, alive and breathing,
                                                                                 all things grow into
the world.

wears the life of matter as we would wear a silken robe                                                                                        –with delight, dignity, 
and with lavish playfulness.       

matter (mater=mother=earth) spirit lives, flowing                                                                                                    and filling every cell
with sheer and
utter joy.       


isn’t bad, it only feels bad sometimes–it’s actually a blessing.
the bird, ask the butterfly, ask the baby learning to walk.         



We are
here to unlock the treasures of one another’s hearts.                                                                                     Keys
like kindness, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness,                                                                                                                                    and praise work well.  

of the feeling of impending doom?” asked the old man.                                                                   “Notice
your feet,” said the child, “and then look at your hands.                                                                                                                                       Be here


“Where have you
been?” the old man asked the child.                                                                                       “Sleeping,”
replied the child, “in your heart.                                                                                                                Didn’t you look for me there?”




Copyright Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog

Thoughts From the Heart II

From the Heart II

Collection of Random Musings

And Inspirations


We are all Lightworkers. With every breath, 

with every act and thought of love,

we have worked with the medium of


Walk through your doubts while breathing
in Light, and as the Light fills you,

illuminating your mind, breathe out the doubts.


In addition to exhaling anything
you want to let go of, try exhaling

as a way of sharing your love, creativity, and forgiveness.


Breathe with your whole body, and
breathe in more than just oxygen

–breathe in love, beauty,
creativity, forgiveness, the sky.


Being able to be the still point
in the
storm, the hub of the wheel,

has more to do with how one
breathes than anything else.


Create yourself a wonderful day
and share it with others as you go along.


Just as we create dreams from our
minds when we sleep,

so too do we create our lives
while we’re awake.

Think positive thoughts.


When I asked for news from my
first graders, one of them said:

“My rose tree is


Just as the darkness gives way to
birdsong, so too your sorrow will give way to joy

as you awaken to the blessings
around and within you.


Be like the dawn and lift the veil
of darkness.

With every breath and every
movement towards your desires,

it lifts, revealing more Light.


Copyright Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog

Thoughts From the Heart, a Collection of Random Musings and Inspirations

From the Heart

Collection of Random Musings



Sure, the razor’s edge exists. So does the edge of praise, of openness, of breathing freely,
and laughter.  We choose the path we walk.


People say to trust yourself, just meditate, go inside.
What if inside is a mess? We all need mentors to help us sort things out


Transforming black and white thinking into the rainbow palette
of reality means opening the heart to the many shades of now–the many shades
of living an alive life.


Crying is for the soul as rain is for the flowers…Water
the garden of the heart with tears, tears of sorrow, tears of laughter.


There is so much light in the darkness. One spark from
your imagination, one note from the song of your heart is enough to create the


Soul calls come every moment, every second; from the
Beloved, from your dreams, from the world. Answer with your whole life.


I used to believe as one
progressed on the spiritual path that it got narrower.  Now I know it broadens, opens, blossoms into
more; more possibilities to praise, more opportunities for gratitude, more
discoveries of healing, more variations of expressing eternal truths, more tolerance
of others, more compassion for both myself and those around me. This is the
Yoga of the Christ, the Buddha, the Divine Mother, the One Light Shining Within
Us All. This is the Yoga of Praise. This is the Yoga of Song. This is the Yoga
of Joy.


Move in the direction of your dreams. They are the
compass rose emblazoned on your heart, and they will always lead to verdant


Let the poem write you.


Dear Sun, as you filter through the curtains, please do
the same in my mind.  Don’t let the dusty
doubts and fears block your way.


Be the one who dances with their dreams. Be the one who spreads the wings of their creativity
and soars above fear and shame.


Be the one who embraces their divinity and lives the life of being called to shine. Be the one
who accepts and shares their given glory.


Be the one who rings the bells of freedom and rises to meet the horizon. Be the one who walks
hand in hand with gratitude and praise.

Copyright Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog