Thoughts From the Heart II

From the Heart II

Collection of Random Musings

And Inspirations


We are all Lightworkers. With every breath, 

with every act and thought of love,

we have worked with the medium of


Walk through your doubts while breathing
in Light, and as the Light fills you,

illuminating your mind, breathe out the doubts.


In addition to exhaling anything
you want to let go of, try exhaling

as a way of sharing your love, creativity, and forgiveness.


Breathe with your whole body, and
breathe in more than just oxygen

–breathe in love, beauty,
creativity, forgiveness, the sky.


Being able to be the still point
in the
storm, the hub of the wheel,

has more to do with how one
breathes than anything else.


Create yourself a wonderful day
and share it with others as you go along.


Just as we create dreams from our
minds when we sleep,

so too do we create our lives
while we’re awake.

Think positive thoughts.


When I asked for news from my
first graders, one of them said:

“My rose tree is


Just as the darkness gives way to
birdsong, so too your sorrow will give way to joy

as you awaken to the blessings
around and within you.


Be like the dawn and lift the veil
of darkness.

With every breath and every
movement towards your desires,

it lifts, revealing more Light.


Copyright Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog

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