Sailing On: The Song of Your Heart’s Desire

Imagine your “self” as a treasure lost in a shallow sea.  It went down when your ship of dreams crashed on rocks of doubt.  You didn’t have a hull fortified with the strength of persistence.  Your ship was thin and unprepared for the journey.  You lacked provisions and the life jackets of faith and friends.  You couldn’t take the wheel and steer because you lost focus in a fog of the opinions of others.  And so your dreams sank and the treasure of who you really are went with them.  But you survived; determined to find a way.  You screamed a prayer to the endless sky.  And then a hand reached down as you floated on a piece of drift wood.  It brought you on board a strange ship made of clouds, and after you were rested a Voice said, “It’s time.  We must dive below and find your buried treasure.”  You looked to see who was speaking, but the Light was too dazzling to get a clear vision. So you dove into the water, but you did not go alone.  You had a life line and a guide. Into the dark waters that seemed to stretch forever, where it seemed nothing could be found, you dove, casting your nets.  Sure enough, you found the treasure box.  It was nestled in a reef surrounded by the blank-eyed sharks of shame and the many-toothed barracudas of resentment.  You began pulling it towards you, and with the help of your Guide you brought the treasure box to the surface.  Once safely on board, you brushed away the barnacles of self-criticism and the sea weed of lethargy, and you lifted the lid.  Light poured out.  Inside were your dreams, your talents, and the gifts of your spirit.  Lavish and dripping with riches, your “self” shined in the sun.  As you ran your hands through the gifts you have, you heard a Voice, both strange and familiar.  It said: “You must go. You must find a harbor and make port. You must take these treasures and share them.  A village is waiting.  You must give them away or you will lose them again.  And the next time the doubts come, and the fear, keep moving, let your dreams steer you.  You can trust their course.”  And when you looked up from your treasure box to thank the keeper of the Voice, your eyes adjusted to the light reflecting off the waves, and you saw you were surrounded by an entire crew of angels, each one waiting for your orders, for you were the Captain.  The Voice had streamed into your heart the moment you prayed, and when you dove into the darkness and accepted the gifts of who you really are–Your True Voice surfaced–the Captain of your soul–the song of Your Heart’s Desire.

Copyright Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog

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