The Importance of Repetition

Nestled after the “re” in “repetition,” is the word, “petition.”  A petition is a prayer, and comes from the Latin, “petere,” meaning “to seek, or go forward.”  Interestingly the base of the Latin word “petere,” can be traced back to the Sanskrit word, “patram,” meaning “wing or feather.”  And it this definition which will inform the following story.

“Open your heart,” said the child walking alongside the old man.  “How?” asked the old man.  “Repetition,” said the child.  “Repetition?” said the old man, “Of what?”  “Your deepest love,” replied the child, “Let what you love the most be ever on your lips, ever on your heart, ever repeated, ever ruminated over, ever caressed within you.  Let what you love be your prayer of the heart.  Turn the name of what you love over and over in your mind, in your heart, with every step, with every breath, and soar.” The old man was silent for a long time as the two of them walked through a flock of birds that went scattering into the sky as they passed. At last he asked the child: “What do you repeat over and over?” “We all have our own loves,” said the child, “try not to get caught up in rules.  Find what you love and repeat its name over and over.”  “But what if I do not love anything?” “That is a lie,” said the child, “Search within yourself.  What you love is there waiting for you to call its name.”  “I am afraid,” said the old man.  “That is why you can’t see what you love,” said the child.  “What should I do?”  “Should?” said the child as he turned and looked up at the old man.  “What do you want?”  Tears welled in the old man’s eyes and finally, voice trembling, he uttered, “Peace.  I want peace.”  “Then let that be your petition, your prayer,” said the child taking the old man’s hand.  And as the old man began repeating the word “peace,” over and over, his heart opened, and his prayer took wing and lifted him, carried him directly to the very Heart of Peace Itself.

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