Ray’s Rays Number 16: The Glory of Descending, by Radiance Angelina Petro

Ray’s Rays Number 16:

The Glory of Descending


Radiance Angelina Petro





In plenty of new age cults and con-spiritual groups,

such as Q-Anon, there are references to Ascension.

It is believed and preached that only a select few–

the “woke,” ones, the ones “in the know,” the ones

who have been enlightened and have special DNA downloads

from aliens and beings from other dimensions.

In capitalist, and hyper competitive societies–

like the US, the goal is to climb higher and higher

in terms of social status, the amount of money you “make,”

and how above you are over the poor, unfortunate souls

who don’t want to rise above their lowly circumstances

or else their manifesting of prosperity would have worked.

Indeed, there must be something wrong with them or

maybe they’re not believing hard enough. This, of course,

is classist and racist bullshit. It’s thought-terminating.

Those who seek to ascend to higher and higher levels

of status, consciousness, or cosmic awareness,

too often are afraid to get their hands dirty. “Leave that

to the ones who can’t make it because they have faulty will-power,”

they say. But the key, if there is one, isn’t in the ascension. Sure,

the world can be, and often is, a shitty place to live and thus

the impulse to ascend to higher planes of consciousness

so that you can conquer the ravages of modern living–

which is, of course, not the worst idea. But back to the key.

To me, the key is in descension. A wondrous

diving down to earth, the “incarnation,” of ourselves

as earth-dwellers. Hopefully this descension leads to

a deeper care of the earth and of each other. The ground of being

is where it’s at. It all happens on the ground, on the earth–

on the farms, the wildernesses, the parks, the bodies

of water, our bodies. Try descending from your striving for ascension.

Turn your face towards the earth, and make a gesture of respect,

love, and gratitude to this endangered planet. Dig a little.

Search the gardens of your heart. Explore the roots of your ancestors.

Dive deep into the dark shadows of the soil of your life.

Ascend if you want, or need, but perhaps try descending as well.

There are many gifts among the earthy ones—the horizontal communities

and not the hierarchical ones. Try not to be afraid to have your feet on the ground–

on the earth—right here, and right now.





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