My Undoing, by Radiance Angelina Petro

My Undoing
Radiance Angelina Petro


I do not want to be reborn. Before is filled with darkness and sorrow, learned fears, and sickness.


Let my death be an unfolding, unburdening,
a blessed untangling, a sacred unveiling,
an easy unloosening,
a gentle unhusking,
a tender unlacing,
a sweet unraveling,
let me be unharmed, untasted, unbroken, untwisted,
let union with my Beloved be unstoppable, a hungry unclothing, a wild fulfillment
unconditionally accepted, unequivocally wonderful,
let our timelessness together be unrushed,
our passion unabridged, and shame unlearned, the moments of bliss exquisitely unquenchable,
our union unbreakable,
let my soul be unchained,
my heart unlocked,
my hands uncuffed,
my soul uncrumpled,
let my conversations, once and for all, be undramatic,
let my soul be untethered, unfaded, unfallen,
let there be space and time to unfeel, unform,
to become uninhibited, unfurled, unjaded,
let the warmth of breathing together
be the unfreezing of lifetimes of winter,
let death be joyful unmaking, unmasking, unquestioned,
let my fears be unneeded,
my hours unnumbered,
my Beloved’s love
undressed, unserious, unending,
let my unsteadiness be steadied,
my innocence untainted, untarnished, unstolen,
my self-hatred unthroned,
my soul untrodden,
let me finally be
unwoven, unafraid— the gift of an old life unlived–
lived now, and shared in the hands of his eternal acceptance—
let this be my undoing.






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