Drawing the Line, by Radiance Angelina Petro

Drawing the Line


Radiance Angelina Petro



The first necessary movement he makes is to draw the line

that changes our perspective and shifts our inclinations, making us

become aware life departs from symmetry, which is too much to bear.

Our darkness has the greatest potential to break, and so, he draws light

from that.  The turning point is when we realize it all seems complete without

being finished.  His simplest line of action is to attach us to a common center—

a fixed position of grace, and all the details and draperies drawn in pale lines

are left behind, and in great, sweeping gestures, he swings the line,

curves it inwards and upwards to become your lifeline.  All of his lines

weave our way, all of his lines are expressions of devotion,

all of his lines strive forward, all of his lines radiate crossings,

all of his lines move in rhythm, all of his lines describe the simplest way

of action, and all of his lines interlock, and form a strong togetherness

as we are erased into bliss.




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