Wanting to Run, by Radiance Angelina Petro

Wanting to Run


Radiance Angelina Petro



The day the mantle was draped on his shoulders

was the day he martyred himself with his surrender

to his own master.  He dropped his life,

in utter disbelief at Sawan’s feet.


We know he wanted to run.  We know

the letters he wrote, how inconsolable

he was, how unworthy he felt to take up

the task set before him.

His mind must have rattled in shock

at the sudden, sharp separation from his dreams.


From that day, he woke and worked, doing all

that was asked of him.  From that day

he gilded Dera with the highest example

of complete obedience.


His heart must have trembled the first

time he climbed the steps of the dais to sit

before the thousands. His heart must have ached

looking into the frightened faces of those turned away

from initiation.


And here I am with my hobbling commitment,

yet bathed in the fruits of his faithfulness, of the fiat

he gave to the Lord to give birth to the Word

that ever lives in my spindrift heart.






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