A Man Gives Birth

A Man Gives Birth
Jennifer Angelina Petro



Who says men can’t give birth?
This body carried a woman
For forty seven years. This body
Loved a woman in secret—secret even
Unto himself—he did not even know
She was there being loved by secret parts
Of himself, surrounded by angels,
And this secret man tended her nest,
Fed her with everything he had.
And when she was ready
To be born, to spread elegant
And vulnerable wings, he opened
Himself with grace, sacrificed himself
With genuine humility, and sang her
Into being, wrote her into form,
Tracing the lines of her face
With wonder-filled fingers. And
She spread wings made of light woven with night,
And he made room for her to settle
Into them, and overtime he coaxed her out,
Although she didn’t need much coaxing really,
But he encouraged her to move closer to the edge,
And with eyes full of joyous tears, watched her begin
To fly, and he has done nothing
Except cheer as she began circling, soaring,
Singing to the sun and the moon with her wings
And her heart and her whole being free
And unencumbered. And he knows
He will diminish as she increases,
And he knows his form will fade from view,
And he
To have been the one chosen
To bear this secret beauty,
This hidden treasure,
This pearl of great price,
This Bird of Great Rejoicing,
And she
For everything he has done
And has yet to do–
For his tender, artistic hands
That hold and groom her wings,
For his willingness to risk everything
That she may live. And now,
She flies and sings her world
Into being, inviting you to go with her
Into a morning of beautiful
And dangerous possibilities.
You are being called
To be doulas for them both,
For they are going to need you,
They are going to need time
To rest in each other’s arms,
And sleep without interruption,
He will need understanding
And sustenance, she will need places
To fly with acceptance and celebration,
He will need you to remember
He didn’t have a choice in this.
She was meant to be born,
She was conceived by stars and the moon,
And he was chosen to carry
This little galaxy of wonder,
And he could not pick the time for her arrival.
And now she is here, flying–wings singing softly
And with incredible power,
Through a blue sky full of unknown spaces,
Through the night sky full of magic and yellow eyes
Watching from the shadows,
Through a soul sky full of blessed calm.
So come, you too were given wings,
You too have secret angels tending beings
Aching to be born, and of course, not necessarily
Like mine—a being of a new gender–no, you have your own
Hidden treasure, your own secret owl or nightingale,
Your own hidden being who nevertheless longs for freedom,
So come, I know what it’s like
To be born unexpectedly, let’s be each other’s midwives,
Let’s nurse one another
With holy fire.







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2 thoughts on “A Man Gives Birth

  1. Early this morning I sat in front of my computer looking on Youtube for Waldorf math videos. I wanted to feel inspired so I could begin our new block on fractions. Your old self crossed my path, from Youtube I came to your blog…and little did I know that your journey and your words would be like a soothing ointment to my soul! Your poems moved me in such a powerful way that I am still trying to make sense of it!
    This poem in particular, A Man Gives Birth, I have to say, I have not been able to read it from beginning to end without my eyes filling up with tears! My story is different from yours, but nonetheless this poem speaks directly to me…it is as if it was written for me!
    I realized today marks 10 days since you shared your journey with the world and I wanted to say that the beauty that comes from the words you write are truly a reflection of the amazing person you are!
    Best wishes to you Jennifer!

    • Thank you so much for writing, Grace. I am so very grateful my poems moved you and speak to you. Matters of the soul are that way–no matter the gender or subject matter. I am also deeply grateful that you support my journey and me….that means the world to me. I need very much all the love and support I can get, so thank you Grace. And your very name brings me peace. So happy you wrote, and sometime in the near future I will make more Waldorf Ed vids….just really busy right now. Peace and Light, and thank you again, Yours, Jennifer

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