Your Soul is Rooting For You

Your Soul is Rooting For You
Joseph Anthony Petro


Searching through veins
That branch like blue trees
And sinew strung purple and tan,
Singing, like the fragrance
Of honeysuckle fingering
Through the billow drapery
Of a moonlit room—
Your soul is looking for you.


Through marrow and bone,
Through flashing neurons,
And the twisting bridges
Of firing synapses, your soul
Is on a quest to find you alive.


Ferreting through the fallen leaves
Of countless conversations,
Ransacking the rooms
Of your childhood,
Sifting through handfuls of tears,
Foraging through jungles
Of the unraveled skeins of unused desires,
Your soul aches to know what it is
You truly want.


Rooting through the dark soil
Of your dreams your soul
Will turn your life upside down
And inside out until you learn
To breathe and to focus, until you become
Unstoppable, until you finally
Ask for help, until you discover
Once again, and once and for all,
How beautiful you really are.







3 thoughts on “Your Soul is Rooting For You

  1. Dear Jennifer,
    This is one of the most moving and beautiful stories I’ve ever read. I am humbled by your incredible strength, and am so sorry that you’ve had to go the light these difficult times. But it’s a new life for you, and I am wishing you peace, love, and acceptance.uchnlove to you and your beautiful family. xoxoxo

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