Peace Visualization

A Peace Visualization

I adapted the image of the chalice and the passing of the Light
from a teacher meditation by Rudolf Steiner.

See yourself holding a golden chalice to the sky.  Imagine, as you give thanks, Light spiraling down and filling the golden cup.  See it spilling over and everywhere.  Imagine you suddenly realize you are in a circle of people, each one holding a golden chalice.  See yourself passing the Light to the person next to you, pouring it into their chalice, meeting their eyes.  See that person, perhaps it’s your father, mother, neighbor, or a relative from the Other Side, maybe it’s Jesus or Mary, Buddha or Krishna, maybe it’s your husband or wife, teacher or mentor, co-worker, or a perfect stranger.  See their heart through their eyes, and see that person receiving your Light and then turning and passing it to the next person until it circles back to you.  Imagine the Light pouring all around you, running over your cups and beginning to collect at your feet.  Imagine the Light lapping at your feet, like cool water, or warm water, whichever sensation brings you more comfort.  Imagine the Light spiraling over you and upwards, back to the Source.  Imagine everyone in the circle turning outwards and sharing their Light with others who have formed a ring around your circle.  Imagine the Light swirls around each of them, chalice to chalice, and that they in turn share it with another, ever widening circle, until people on the streets simply stop, drop their briefcases or cell phones, and step into the circle, lifting their cups to the Light.  See this until the world is filled to overflowing with Light—infinite, never-ending, glorious Light.  See this until it rings true within your soul.  Because this is how it happens.  This is how Peace and Goodwill spread throughout the land, person to person, gaze to gaze, chalice to chalice, heart to heart.


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