We Are Triune Beings

We Are Triune Beings.  The Creator layered us all with three beautiful coats.  One is made from the silver-tipped feathers of a falcon and gives us the power to think and to soar and to dream.  Another is golden, made from the fine, shimmering fabric of the wings of the sun.  It shines with the fire of desire. The last coat, the one that covers the others, is fashioned from silken scales and sewn with silken seams.  It is made of the wings of dragons.  All three coats are alive.   We wear living wings of thought that we must train to take us where we need and want to go.  We wear the living cloak of love which we must use to shine and burn for the love and service of others.  We also wear the wings of the body, which carries with them the instincts for the love of the smell of the earth.  To gain self-control, we must not forget the outer coat.  When the other two coats are flapping out of control, either with passion or with scattered, unfocused energy, tighten the outer coat with a walk in nature or with the playing of a musical instrument.  If needed, release the energy of the other coats with a baseball bat to a pile of wood.  Twist a towel.  The outer coat experiences what the other two feel.  Self-control means using the glory of all three coats to the benefit of the one wearing them—the king and queen inside.  And remember, when we struggle for self-control, the Creator spun the stars from the loom of the night sky in part so we would turn our faces upwards during times of darkness and pray both prayers of gratitude and prayers for strength.  Be the answers to each-other’s prayers.  Be each other’s stars.  No one gains self-control alone.

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