Loving Your Neighbor As Yourself

Jesus said to the young man, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  “What does that mean?” asked the young man, “isn’t loving yourself vain?”  Jesus smiled and said, “Vain? No child, loving yourself is not vain, it is a commandment.  The Creator made you—you are a child of the Divine—to love yourself is to love the gift you’ve been given—the gift of who you are.”  “But how do you do that?” the young man asked.  “Shine,” said Jesus.  “Shine like the sun.  Be the real you.  Live the life you were created to live.  Live your dreams.  Then you will be loving yourself.  And,” Jesus continued before the young man could interject, “when you are living the life you were created to live you will automatically be loving your neighbor as well.  Shining your light reflects the Creator’s light, my light, your light, your neighbor’s light.  We all shine a little brighter when you love yourself enough to be yourself, when you love yourself enough to shine.”

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