Justice.  From the Latin iustus, meaning “upright,” and also from, ious, meaning, “sacred formula.” 

The villagers stood in a circle around their king and queen.  Moving slowly, like stately magical ships, the king and queen stopped at each villager to bestow gifts and blessings.  To each one they presented a gift that was uniquely suited to the destiny of that villager.  To each one they bestowed a blessing that trickled down to the heart.    Some gifts appeared, to the jealous ones, to be finer than other gifts.  Some blessings consisted of a nod, the wink of a twinkling eye, or a kiss or the touch of a hand.  Others were secrets murmured into waiting ears that opened the souls of the hearers like the dawn.  The jealous villagers wondered what words were spoken.  And as each villager departed carrying the king and queen’s blessings and gifts, the foolish wondered why they had been given what they had been given.  The wise used their gifts and blessings to become the kings and queens of their own lives.

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