Using Your Gifts, Sharing Your Light

Once upon a time the Moon was happily reflecting the light of the Sun when a nearby planet said to her, “Excuse me, Ms. Moon, doesn’t it bother you that you do not shine your own light? I mean, shouldn’t you be trying to develop your own ways of shining?”  The Moon slowly turned her face towards the planet, “Bother me not to shine?  Dear One, there are many ways to shine.  The Creator saw fit to endow me with a silvery complexion, one that does not give off a light of its own.  One could say it just isn’t a talent I have been given.  I used to try, eons ago, to make my face shine, but I simply do not have that skill.  One day, I saw the Sun and asked if He would share His light with me, and of course, he said yes.  Now I am the light of the night sky.  I am an inspiration to generations of poets and singers.  I use what I have been given; I use it in such a way as to honor the gifts of others.  My gift is to reflect, to utilize the light of those around me.  So, you see, I am shining.”  The nearby planet frowned and turned away, feeling secretly green with jealousy.  For she was billions of years of old and still trying to figure out which talents she should develop and which ones she should ask for help with.  Now she spins around and around judging others for what they do and do not do.

Copyright Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog

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