Sayings of the Child

the child gives me
little messages. 
 I usually post them
on my twitter account
But today,
as I did back in June,
I am going to share some of them
with you

“Is there a way to open the doors of the heart?” the young woman asked the child. He smiled at her, taking her hand, and said, “Yes, sing.”

“What must I do to feel inspired?” asked the man. The child handed him a broom and said, “Sweep out the doubts and fears, and clean house.”

The child fed the dragon elderberries from his hands. The dragon’s whiskers tickled his arms. The child laughed. The dragon smiled.

“Sometimes there is so much self-doubt,” said the young man to the child. “That’s why we need each other,” said the child, taking his hand.

“I wonder about abundance,” said the young man. “And that is why you are lacking,” said the child. “No more wondering–give.”

“Sometimes,” said the old woman, “I just feel so afraid.” “I know,” said the child as he opened the doors to heaven, “but not anymore.”

“Will I ever see you again?” the old man asked. “When you walk through heaven’s doors,” said the child, “you will live where I live.”

The child stood on the dragon’s shoulders. The dragon walked like a moving mountain. Together they rambled through their fears.

“What is courage?” asked the angel. “Dancing with fear,” said the child, “and watching as it changes, right in your arms, into bravery.”

“What is the Law of Attraction?” asked the angel. “Love,” replied the child, “Ask yourself–What do I love? That is the Secret and that is the Law.”

“Abundance?” said the child, “The key to abundance is not what you have, but  what you give away; what you share.”

The child picked up the fallen star and held it to his heart. Suddenly the star began to glow, and soon it flew back into the sky, shining.

“Where is the best place to have peace?” asked the angel. “In the center of a storm,” answered the child.

“What do you get to take with you to heaven?” asked the old man. “Everything you have given away,” said the child, wiping the old man’s tears.


Copyright Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog

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