Initial Reflections Big Tree State Park, Arnold, California, August 5, 2018, By Jennifer Angelina Petro

Initial Reflections

Big Tree State Park,

Arnold, California

August 5, 2018



Forest of crones and matriarchs,

Healers of sky and souls,

Sentinels of time and warning


If you pass this way walk in reverence,

And gladness—we are here, watching

Over you—a tribe of sisters and mothers—

We are here—ordained to preach the gospel

Of earth and sanctuary—

Children—we guard your steps,

And have raised you with the milk of our wisdom—

It is in your hearts and hands to protect us

From those who would harm us further from greed,

As you look up to us, open your ears as best you can—

Listen with deep soul—

We sing, and have been singing since the beginning—

Singing the song of our mother, your grandmother,

Our song lifts you into the branches

Of our stories and of yours, we spread the song of our roots—

And your roots, and the roots of your ancestors—

We know each and every one of your names—

We tend your bones, surrounding them with tenderness—

Holding them in the arms of our roots–

Listen with deep soul–

We are here, singing you home.







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