Gnosis, 12 AM, by Jennifer Angelina Petro

Gnosis, 12 AM


Jennifer Angelina Petro



A deer stepped from the side of the house

As I sat in my car talking to a friend on the phone.


It stopped, trying to place my voice in the darkness.


I told my friend what was happening

And ended the call.


I met its eyes, the moon leaned in.


After a moment, the deer stomped one front hoof

On the stone walkway, much like a horse would do,

And disappeared into the night.


It occurred to me as I sat looking at its after image:

I too move in and out of the shadows,

I too pause to observe that which I don’t understand,

I too attempt to place my voice in the darkness,

I too have ways of telling the world—I might be quiet

And some might say, timid—but I too can stomp my foot

And disappear never to be seen again.





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