We Found Ourselves, a Collage Poem, by Jennifer Angelina Petro

We Found Ourselves

A Collage Poem


Jennifer Angelina Petro

(Using words and phrases from the book, “The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism,”

by Henry Corbin, 1962, 1971, in addition to my own.)



We found ourselves following the presence,

the insatiable object and secret of all—

the sun of the heart.


We went together, surrendering

the cartographic, the decipherable.

We moved through luminous darkness,

following the black light

through a region without any coordinates


until we came to a field of light,

and we gave birth to ourselves,

to a thousand theophanies

of every grain of wheat,

of every waving, ray of light

shedding in all directions,


where the ascensional

descended to the very place

where we stood, hand in hand,

orientated in time,

cherishing the earth of it all.