Growing Down

Growing Down
Joseph Anthony Petro

Weep tender heart, weep.
Every tear you cry lifts the crushing weight
From your chest and drops away
Chains from your hands and feet
And heart.
Weep, tender heart, weep.
Hold my hand and dive into the folds
Of the dark waters of your pain.
You will not drown in sorrow;
You will not drown at all.
You will blossom in the depths, like
A manta ray, like a rose of white light, like
A lotus of moonlight with roots of life-giving blood.
Weep, tender heart, weep.
Let your tears become one with the darkness,
Let your tears shed the layers of hatred
For your body, for your existence,
For the false reasons you came to believe you were born.
Release them. Release them and weep,
Weep, tender heart, weep. Know there are many
Weeping with you; there are many blossoming
With you; there are many loving you
Until you can love yourself; so weep
Fierce heart, weep.
And when you surface from the shadows,
Bursting forth with hope, and the earth-given-
Heaven-blessed-moon-drenched desire
For unity, wholeness, and the arms
Of your Beloved, your tears will be tears
Of joy. For you will be free,
And you will be alive, and you will be a child
With the heart of a man.







4 thoughts on “Growing Down

  1. Incredible, Joseph. Thank you.
    My experience (so far) is that once I met that Depth, the Great Below, the Underworld, the Darkness where the ego is obliterated and helpless, it stayed with me and I had to learn to befriend it. Next I had to learn to hold the Underworld along with Light and Joy and know them simultaneously. For me now, it’s not Joy OR Darkness but Joy AND Darkness. To keep both in my awareness and know both are in me.

    An ode to Divine Mother images. Moonlight and earth. Life-giving blood.
    “the earth-given-Heaven-blessed-moon-drenched desire For unity, wholeness…”

    • You’re welcome, Elaine, and thank you. Your words mean a lot to me and give me hope. YOU give me hope for your honesty and courage and willingness to share. The darkness is deep right now, deeper than it has ever been, and I know, because of souls like you–the light is there too. Thank you so much for writing. <3 Joseph

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