Angels Watching Over Me, Part I


During the workshop I presented on the Wonder Child at the Emmet Fox weekend a few weeks back, I told of a miracle that happened to me two years ago.  It is a popular story, so I thought I’d share it here.  After all, someone might be doubting their dreams, or that God loves them, or they might be feeling like some situation they are facing will never work out.  It’s a story for anyone frightened about facing some difficult task.  It’s a story about me, a praxis test, and a Jamaican parking-garage attendant.  I hope you like it.

A couple of years ago I decided to go to grad school to get certified to teach in public schools.  To do so I had to take a series of praxis tests that to me, seemed quite daunting.  I studied as best I could, even though every time I sat down to study I’d be compelled to fall asleep.  Anyway, I studied hard and the day finally came when I had to take the tests that would make or break my teaching in a public school.

Terrified, I drove downtown Philly to take the tests.  When I got there I couldn’t find any place to park close by the building where the tests were being administered.  Feeling very annoyed, I drove around until I found a parking garage several blocks away.  I pulled in and I didn’t realize until it was too late that it was a valet parking garage.  I hate valet parking garages because I have a few “tiny” OCD tendencies—well, control freakish tendencies really–I don’t like anyone else touching my stuff, that’s all.  But there was a car behind me so I couldn’t back up.

I was cursing under my breath as the attendant walked up to my car.  He leaned into the window and said in a wonderful Jamaican accent:

“Hey, mon, welcome, mon…You’re here for the praxis tests, aren’tja mon?”

“Ah…Yes,” I began…wondering how the heck he knew…but before I could get too much further he said, “You’re going to do great, mon.  Just remember to breathe mon.  You’re going to pass mon.  No worries, mon.  Just relax and have fun mon.” 

And right there, in a downtown Philly parking garage, I met an angel.  He helped put me at ease.  And as I handed him my keys and got out of the car, he said once more, “Remember to breathe, mon.” 

I thanked him and began walking the several blocks to the testing center.  I was still a little nervous, but there was a lightness to my steps.  I knew the Wonder Child, the God that runs my life, was at work. 

I finally found the building and went in.  And I will tell you tomorrow what happened next.

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