The Spiritual Aspects of the Parts of Speech, Part IV, Adverbs


Welcome back, Dear Readers.  Today we will be taking a look at the spiritual aspects of adverbs.


Recall what we said yesterday about verbs.  Recall that they are the doing words.  Recall how we are active, vital beings—always doing.  Now let’s go a little deeper.

 How do you do what you do? 

Adverbs are the adjectives of verbs.  You could say, I walked to work.  Or, I walked happily to work.  You could say, He took my hand.  Or, He gently took my hand.  Adverbs usually end in “ly,” but not always.  And not all “ly” words are adverbs, but as a general rule, that’s the scoop.

Reflect on how you do things today.  Do you speak slowly, quickly, softly, loudly, or kindly?  Do you walk swiftly, slowly, gently?  How do you grasp things at the dinner table?  Gracefully?  Hungrily?  Do you listen carefully or carelessly?  Do you listen attentively and compassionately or judgmentally?  How do you eat?  Do you eat slowly, savoring every bite?  Or ravishingly, barely tasting anything?  Do you react patiently or violently to a traffic jam?  Does it depend?  How do you pray?  Trustfully, gratefully, or frighteningly and bitterly?  How do you remember the past?  Bitterly or joyfully?  Both?  Reflect on how you do what you.  This is very beneficial.  It will help you and those around you live more peacefully and consciously

As a fun game, gather a few friends around or a bunch of kids aged 8 and up and play the following game:

In the Manner of the Word

Brainstorm all of the adverbs you can think of and write them down so everyone can see them.  Then pick someone to step out of the room and have the rest of you quietly pick an adverb from the list that you all can agree on.  Then have the person who stepped out come back in.  Then he or she gets to give the rest of you acting directions like: “Walk in the manner of the word; read a book in the manner of the word, brush your teeth in the manner of the word.”  And so on.  And you have to act out the directions.  You can all act the directions out together, at the same time, or the person can pick one of you to act it out individually.  The object is for the person making all of you do those silly acting things to try and guess which adverb it is that you picked while he or she was out of the room.  It’s a hilarious game.  Have fun.

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