The Glorious Lessons of the Honey Bee

I love watching bees gathering nectar from flowers.  To watch them amble into a blossom and walk along the silken curtains is pure delight.

Put yourself into that image a moment—of being a worker bee gathering provisions for the hive.   See yourself walking into a sacred hall completely surrounded—top to bottom with pink or yellow curtains.  See how easily you might stumble in the soft folds as you make your way to the center.  How you would ecstatically gather the gifts left on the altar in baskets carried at your sides.  How you would thrum with a Divine urgency to complete your task.  How you would be charged with an electric desire for sweetness—and to work for the good of the hive.  How it would be so hard to turn back from that sacristy of wonder and soar, not knowing if you will find another. And yet, that unknowing would be just a part of the play—for in your heart of hearts you would know–there are other sanctuaries—there are as many as you need, each one opening before you as you dip and rise in the morning air on your holy search for the stuff dreams are made of—the nectar of labor—the pollen of ideas—the honey of desire.

Why not do this now, right where you are?  Know that you have a dream and that it is laden with sweetness.  It is a dream to fulfill your Heart’s Desire.  And Your Heart’s Desire blends seamlessly with the Desires of the Heart of the World—to share, to give, to shine, and to work together in one incredibly beautiful, intricate, and marvelous dance– to spread the gifts of the sun into the darkest corners of the hive of your community. 

But you mustn’t kid yourself—you need to know that just as there are assassin bugs hidden in the curtains of the flower waiting to ambush the honeybee, there are doubts and fears hiding behind the curtains of your mind seeking to destroy your dreams and thwart your desires. 

So look before you leap.  There is little wisdom in just jumping into the darkness—no matter how romantic some people would like to make this act to sound.  Study yourself and what it is you want to share with the world.  Know yourself and your dreams.  Know what you’re after.  And while the honeybee is a lone forager, you needn’t embark on your journey alone.  Take the hand of a mentor and soar with them to the fields laden with possibilities that await those workers brave enough to face their fears and doubts and leave them far below, as they rise to new heights of creativity and wonder.


Many of you who know me or follow me on facebook or twitter, have heard me use the expression: “You’re the bee’s knees.”  Now you know why I say it.  Pass it on.  The world needs all the sweetness it can get—the sweetness of positive acknowledgement and praise, the honey of gratitude, and the pollen of encouragement.  It needs you and your baskets of destiny to go out into the world and spread the nectar of Your Heart’s Desire.

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