Facing Eternity, By Radiance Angelina Petro

Facing Eternity


Radiance Angelina Petro



The three-dimensional fields of our lives

drown in detail.  The rhythms we recognize

as living, and our attempts to resist the wind,

are all part of a vast, uncontrollable sea.


Somehow, we are light-seeking, somehow,

we are solar-following, somehow, we reach

the edge of understanding, and gravity still

sees us to our graves.


He wants our participation in pursuing wholeness.

Somehow, the seeds of his mercy migrate

by means of the wind, and they find us

at our most drifting though the summer of our lives.


There is a Japanese legend that civilization

was born the first time someone gave someone else

a flower.  The ever-true gardener lives for beauty,

and when he touches us, a rose blossoms in our heart.


He knows we are solar-opening creatures, and his glance and guidance

are timeless light.  And the difficult uprooting

from our lives to be transplanted to his garden is needed,

and it hurts.  “There are benefits to this grieving,”

he says, “such as paradise. Come, face eternity

with me.”







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