Midnight Sun, By Radiance Angelina Petro

Midnight Sun


Radiance Angelina Petro



If you ask me how he draws me

with his silver wire through the furrows

of my life, and its places in the air,

how he suddenly appears every time

I go far afield, and how he shines his way

into the little anatomies of my day-to-day,

you know very well I will confess to not

having a clue; but, if you ask me

to hazard a way to describe such love,

it would be safe to say: “wild, nearly reckless.”

Why he doesn’t leave me, why I am

the apple of his eye, why he is

my midnight sun, the only answer

I can come up with is this:

I am his little sister, and his Father has given

him charge over me, and he accepts

this onerous task, and will stick to his last

to take me home.








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