Haiku From the Heart III

From the Heart III


You are a blessing ~
to the world and to the Light ~ shine sunflower, shine


Open your hands ~
let all your worries go ~ now set your hands to praising


Empty your worries ~
into love’s radiant stream ~ and be filled with Light


Spring flowers
rejoice ~ in simply being themselves ~ sharing who they are


Lavender wishes ~ dreams blossom in sleepy minds ~ bathed
in silver light


Angels from on high ~ descend into dreamer’s sleep ~ bringing
down the stars


Sleep has found my eyes ~ my mind however still hides ~ running
through the night


The moon is loosened ~ from blossoming spring tree tops ~
free to light the way


Fire hides within wood ~ just as heaven does in me ~
nature reveals truth


The empty chair fills ~ with a spirit lost and sad ~ I
reach out my hand


Explore the shadow ~ discover your golden mean ~ spiral
into light


As true as the dawn ~ as you sow, so shall you reap ~
loving begets love


Copyright Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog

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