Summer Re-Runs: The Spiritual Aspects to the Parts of Speech, Part III, Adjectives

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A couple years ago I did a little series on the spiritual aspects of the parts of speech. It generated a lot of visits and discussions.  It was also one of my favorites to write. Today I am reposting Part III, Adjectives.  I hope you like it. Let me know, as poetically as you can.  If you want to read the rest of this series, look in the category archives on the left side of this page for the category, The Parts of Speech. 



The Spiritual Aspects

Of the Parts of Speech,

Part III: Adjectives


Joseph Anthony


Adjectives are the painting words in our language.  You could
say, the lion, and that
would technically be a complete sentence, but why not say what the lion is
doing?—The lion roars.  Next, imagine what the lion looks like: The golden lion roars.  Or,
The wild-eyed, golden-maned lion roars with the roar of creation
.  The
sentences with the adjectives are more interesting.  They give you a
better picture.  You could say, the
flower grows
, or, the
dew-dappled, red rose grows
.  See what I mean?

Our handy online etymology dictionary says that the origins for
the word adjective mean to add to or throw
.  What words do you add to the names of things?  Do you
throw in swear words?  Do you add pet-phrases that somehow describe what
you are saying?  Are the describing words you use mostly of a visual
nature?  Do you speak in generalities or can you be specific?

Reflect on the nature of adjectives.  Really play with
them, for adjectives make the creation alive and interesting—they are the
painters and poets of our language.  They are creators and
catalysts.  Imagine, for example, what color God is.  What color is
His/Her hair?  Reflect on the colors of emotions.  What color is
pain?  What color is joy?  Reflect
on the sounds you listen to.  Which sounds do you love?  Which sounds
are grating?  Reflect on the textures of things.  Do you prefer soft
clothes or rough?  Hold someone’s hand today, a friend, spouse, or a
child, and describe what that is like—both the feel of their hand and the
feeling that act brings to your heart.  Reflect on the colors you see in a
given day—or do you see them?  Is your life grey and covered in
dust?  If so, do a cleaning and get out the paint brushes of adjectives
and color your world with beautiful descriptions.  Reflect on the
qualities that describe the Divine.  And let’s not forget about the sense
of smell.  Reflect on the kinds of smells you love.  Describe
them.  What does heaven smell like?  What does love smell like? Try
to use adjectives in every sentence you say today—try and use all the senses
too.  Even if it sounds outrageous and silly—talk like an eccentric
poet.  Have fun and play with adjectives.


Copyright Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog

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