In Love Play, A Collage Poem, By Jennifer Angelina Petro

In Love Play

A Collage Poem


Jennifer Angelina Petro


(Using words and phrases from the Kama Sutra, translated by Alain Danielou; along with my own words and phrases).



One must put up with risks,

but there are benefits—such as paradise.


Time awakens that which sleeps—

that which is born of the sun.


When we enter the house of the soul

we will think we have entered a theater.


We must keep our aims in mind:

the whirl of pleasure,

the love play,

the kissing, biting, scratching,

the offering of ourselves to one another

as mangoes open for the eating.


Without being parsimonious of time,

let our amorous dalliance go journeying through flowery arbors

(love is easy in gardens on carpets of flowers).


Just as fire burns the dead, our doubts are consumed

in flames of our own making.


Let us manifest the invisible;

Let us float in eternity—a full-blown lotus.


Creation is born when hearts drum;

When vivid-sandalwood-scented answers embellish the night.


Let us mark the sacred signs on each other’s brow,

for love is not learned alone.