Special Thanks to Lefty’s Right.com

Before I get too much further on this blog, I want to thank my host, “Lefty’s Right.com.”  This is my first time ever making a blog and I am not all that computer savvy to boot.  This morning I had several questions about creating this blog and I called their customer service center.  The gentleman I spoke with was so kind, patient, and understanding.  He kept saying, “no worries.”  This is exactly the kind of nurturing the Wonder Child needs when embarking on a new adventure.  The agent never spoke down to me.  I felt safe to ask any questions I had.  In fact, he anticipated questions that I didn’t even know I had–but I had them!  So, anyone considering getting a website or a blog, use Lefty’s Right.com.  They are awesome!  Here’s their link: lefty’sright.com.  Have fun.  Cheers.

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