Haiku for New Year’s Resolutions, by Joseph Anthony

Haiku for New Year’s Resolutions




It’s customary to make New Year’s

Unfortunately it’s also customary to
break them. 

It is my hope that these little poems
will help you pick one resolution

and succeed in that one resolution

before embarking on another.

You can make conscious decisions

To change your life


So pick one.  Bring a friend along.

Let your every step be a prayer.

And then 

pray some more.

Happy New Year. 

Blessings to you and yours.




The Haiku


a list a mile long / of new year’s resolutions

will slip through your hands


think with your heart / infuse these thoughts
with the soul /

and then begin the journey


one resolution / wept over in silence / brings
angels to your side


one resolution / shared with a single friend /

will cause both souls to change


one resolution / tended to like a garden / will
yield crops of light


one resolution / held like a seed inside / will
give birth to joy


one resolution / that you keep forever /
becomes a light for all


make a single change / and the whole landscape
changes /

into an orchard


the thing you need to change / awaits your
letting it go /

into God’s hands


putting it in God’s hands / means share it with
a friend /

that is your prayer


big steps, little steps / just keep on walking

or better yet, keep dancing


the road to freedom / is not a solitary road /
walk with the world


walk through fear’s dark woods / with a friend
at your side /

and the way opens clear


One last one (not a haiku) J

A Re-solution is like a re-run. Make one
heartful, mindful decision

to make one heartful, mindful decision,

and experience success.


Peace and Light. 

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Thank you. 

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