Your Heart’s Desire, Part 9, Paragraph 14

Welcome Back, Friends.

You’re on the edge. 

The key to Your Heart’s Desire will be revealed in Part 14.

Although the next couple of lessons fairly well spell it out

—even clearer than last week.

In this lesson you will hear about the Great

Fundamental Energy pervading all things.

It’s ours. 

The question is:

How are we using it?

And the answer to that question

 gets us closer to the key.


Paragraph 14, by Emmet Fox

“There is only one Fundamental Energy in the universe, but this energy may be applied by us either constructively or destructively, because God has given us Free Will.  When we use it constructively, we are acting in harmony with the Will of God, and we are improving ourselves and our lives in every possible respect, and we are helping the world in general too.  When we use it destructively, we damage ourselves, retard our progress, and waste an opportunity of helping mankind at large.”

Commentary, Questions, and Exercises, by Joseph Anthony

Can you see the key forming?  We all have free will, and that is part of the answer to the dilemmas of paragraphs 5 and 6.  We are all a part of the Divine Energy.  We all partake of it.  We are all channels.  How are we going to use that gift?

Let’s play a bit of a dark game just to get a point across.  Imagine you’ve been given a car.  You are free to drive it anywhere—to church or to the drug-dealers.  It is all about choices.  And let’s say, for the sake of this imagination, you decide to drive it to the drug dealers.  I know this is a bit out of character for us here at your Heart’s Desire, to imagine something like this, but go with it.  It’s important. 

Let’s look at the thousand little choices that go into making the bigger choice of going to the drug dealers:

You decide to get up off the couch.

You decide to get some clothes on.

You decide to put your shoes on.

You decide to put on a hoody.

You decide to go look for the hoody on the floor of the bedroom.

You decide to turn on the light and step over the pizza boxes.

You decide to pick up the hoody that smells the freshest.

You decide to put your left arm in first.

You decide to put your right arm in last.

You decide to zip the hoody.

You decide to go find your keys.

You decide to find your wallet.

You decide to look in your wallet to see if you have enough money.

You decide to put the wallet in your right back pocket.

You decide to walk to the door.

You decide to turn the knob and open the door.

You decide to step across the threshold.

You decide to go back in and make sure the oven’s off.

You decide to turn the doorknob again.

You decide to step back outside.

You decide to go back in and turn on the porch light and grab an umbrella.

You decide to turn the doorknob again.

You decide to step outside again.

You decide to walk down the two-step to the sidewalk.

You decide to walk to your car.

You decide to unlock it.

You decide to get in and put your seat belt on.

You decide to turn the key.

You decide to back out of the driveway.

You decide to turn the car down the dealer’s street.

You pass the church along the way.  You decide to keep driving.

You decide to park down the street from the dealer’s house.

You decide to take off your seat belt.

You decide to get out (after a deep breath).

You decide to start walking to his house.

You decide to put one foot in front of the other.

And with every step, with every choice, it gets harder to turn back.

Obviously you could have stopped the process long before you put the drugs in your system.  Once they’re in there—you no longer have the power of choice.  The “phenomenon of craving” as the AA Big Book puts it, kicks in, and you’re a slave.

But we all have the freedom to choose and we often minimize the myriad choices that go into making a major choice that could destroy or create our lives.

If we use the Force for good, we help ourselves and others.  If we use it for ill, we destroy ourselves and others.


1). Do you believe you have Free Will?

2). Do you believe God’s Energy can be used by us for good and ill?


1). Reflect on the risks God took (if any) by giving us Free Will.

2). Reflect on the things you wrote down in question 4, Part 3, Paragraph 3.  Are the secret things you dream of doing constructive or destructive?  Reflect on the possible consequences of following those dreams or of not following those dreams.

3). Reflect on any new ideas you have growing within you that could be the whisperings of God—dreams, desires you are feeling called to follow.  Write about them.

4). Reflect on the Power of Choice.  Choose to do 7 kind, positive, healthy, generous, and giving things this week, at least one a day—for someone else. Remember the great law: As you sow, so shall you reap.


I hope the dark imagination didn’t bother you too much.  Next week we will look at paragraph 15.  Keep dreaming.

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