Your Heart’s Desire, Part 11, a Manifestation of Abundance, the Law of Attraction, and Following Your Dreams


As one begins to follow their Heart’s Desire, wonderful, and otherwise, unaccountable things happen to both encourage you and guide you along the way.  It might be a chance encounter with a homeless person in the city, or a check might arrive in the mail just when you need it most.  It might also come in the form of a vacation.  Here is a little story that happened to my wife and I that affirmed I am on the right track with my Heart’s Desire.


A few months ago, my friend Daryn asked if I’d be a groomsman in his wedding.  He was getting married, May 28th in Phoenix.  Living in Philly, and with an uncertain employment future, I initially told him I wouldn’t be able to do it.  I felt sad about this because May 28th is also my wedding anniversary, and this year my wife and I will have been married for 17 years, and we have never gone on a trip for our anniversary before.  I also wanted to support Daryn on his big day. I really wanted to make it happen somehow.

So I just kept it treasured in my heart and in my mind, and I kept living my dreams of being a writer and musician. 

Then one day Daryn said he really wanted me in his wedding, so much so that he said he’d pay for our plane tickets.  After talking it over with my wife, we accepted his offer.  The next day, my in-laws said we could use their time share—they have one in Phoenix!  So our lodging was covered!  They even said they’d watch the kids, the dog, AND the bunny while we were away!  Then my wife remembered she had $700 gift certificate from the college she teaches at that could be spent on any vacation we choose.  Suddenly our trip was completely covered—childcare and all!

And so we went and we had a beautiful time.  We hiked in Sedona, ate at nice restaurants, shopped in amazing art stores, visited chapels built into mountains, and walked through amazing outdoor art galleries.  We had the best anniversary ever.  And being in Daryn’s wedding was a blessing too!  Daryn and his wife were sweet, their wedding was beautiful, and my wife and I got to dance our wedding song again on our 17th wedding anniversary.  It was a very special time.

Lefty reminded me the other day that abundance doesn’t necessarily show up in the bank account.  I really wanted to take my wife on a trip and also support my friend Daryn, and those thoughts, backed by strong feelings (prayers) were sent out into the world, and God sent them back and said, “Here–go.  It’s on Me.  This will help you follow Your Heart’s Desire.”

And so we went.  I am including some video footage of some of the sites.  Please pardon the wind sounds…I haven’t come close to mastering the movie-making programs.  Enjoy.

Next week we will work on another list, so get those pencils and buddies ready.  You are clearing the channel, step by step, and Your Heart’s Desire is moving towards you.  And the more you move towards it, the more amazing things happen!

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