Your Heart’s Desire, Part 13, a Review and One Last List

Welcome Back Friends and Brave Travelers!

Before we embark on the most challenging
and rewarding task in Your Heart’s Desire,
it will be helpful to review how far we’ve come these last 12 weeks.

Here are some of the things you are learning thus far:

You are learning that in order to find your true place in life you need to be able to listen to the voice of God as It speaks to your heart (intuition).

You are learning how you really feel about God
and your relationship with that Power.

You are learning that you are indeed worthy to prosper in every way.

You are learning that God wants YOU
and that there is a special place
in God’s plan for you in the Universe.

You are learning that you needn’t ever compete for your true place in life.  You are the only person in the history of time that can and will fill that place.

You are learning that you needn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed 
for following your dreams.

You are learning that you have unique talents and gifts
 that God wants you to develope and share–
and have fun doing so!

You are learning to replace negative thoughts (without fighting them)
with positive ones.

You are learning that the real key to the Law of Attraction is giving to others.

You are learning that addictive behaviors play a significant role
 in keeping people from living their Heart’s Desire. 
You are learning that there is a solution to those behaviors.

You are learning that laws matter—both worldly and heavenly.

You are learning that you are not a victim. 
You are responsible for your life as it is today.

You are learning that you are channel for the Divine Mind.

You are learning that you hold within yourself hidden splendor and that
that splendor wants to be expressed for the betterment of yourself
and the world.

You are learning that you have free will.  You can create the life you want.

You are learning that resentments, fears, harms done to others, limiting beliefs, and so on, block the flow of the Divine Energy through you. 
You must become aware of these parts of yourself
and be willing to share them with someone else
so that the listener can help you find out your part in harboring such feelings and so you can release any shame attatched to them.

If you stop and think about it,
in just 12 short weeks you have learned a lot about yourself,
the nature of God
and Your dreams. 
You have done tremendous work. 
You have done more work in 12 weeks than most people
will do in a lifetime. 
You can feel proud of what you have accomplished thus far.

One Last List.

This week we will not read a paragraph from Emmet Fox.  Instead we will simply let you revel in how far you’ve come and then do one last, difficult list—the harms you have done to others.

Make a list similar to the last few lists, but this time, as honestly as you can, write down as many of the harms you can remember doing to other people or animals.  Have to stolen money?  Have you stolen time?  Have you stolen other people’s possessions?  That could mean anything from a pen to a car, and so on.  Have you ever broken something that belonged to someone else and never replaced it or paid for it?  Have you ever been physically violent to animals or other people?  Have you repeatedly broken promises and lied to others?  Have you used other people for your own gains?  Write everything down.  Start with one column and list who you harmed.  In the second column write what you did.  In the third column write why you did it, and in the forth column, write how you think the other person felt, or will feel about what you have done.

This is a difficult list and you might be thinking again that it is unnecessary to discovering Your Heart’s Desire.  I can assure you from personal experience and from the experience of watching scores of other people—that if you uncover these hard facts about yourself, you will discover Your True place in life, and hence recover Your Divine Birthright.

So finish the list and then yes, find a trusted person you can read it to. THIS IS CRUCIAL TO YOUR LONG-TERM SUCCESS.  YOU MUST GET OUT INTO THE LIGHT AND STOP HIDING AND KEEPING SECERETS. The world needs you—all of you.  So take the risk.  Get it all out.  You will be glad you did.


Name the person you harmed.

What did you do?  Be specific but brief.

Why did you do what you did?

How do you suppose the other person involved felt or will feel as a result of your action?





Some people may object to writing these lists—the resentment list, the fears list, and this list of harms.  They might say I am focusing too much on the negative, that sensitive people like us can’t handle such truth about ourselves.  To which I reply, the vessel needs to get clean, the channel needs to get clear, and we do not advance by shying away from painful truths about ourselves.  We do not advance if we look for only soft ways of living.  You are, of course, perfectly free to make a list of all the positive, wonderful characteristics you have, and I even encourage you to do so.  For now, we are preparing ourselves for the key to Your Heart’s Desire, and for that key you will need to know why you carry resentments and what and whom you resent.  You will need to know why and who or what you are afraid of.  And you will need to know who you have harmed.  The key to Your Heart’s Desire hinges on this information. 

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