Your Heart’s Desire, Part 15, Paragraphs 18 and 19. Includes Link to Free Course on Vision Boards

You’re still here. 
You have the key—forgiveness, and you have hopefully

begun making restitution for any past harms.

To truly forgive you must be right with yourself.

You must accept yourself for who and what you are.

The more you accept yourself and those around you,

and the more you make restitution for your past transgressions,

the easier it will become to forgive others

and yourself.

In addition, the easier it will be for you

to accept forgiveness from others.

So keep going on making your amends.

The more you make, the clearer the channel will become.

This week and next mark the end of this sixteen week eCourse.

You’ve come a long way.

This week we will look at paragraphs 18 and 19 and next week

we will finish it all up with paragraphs 20-22.

It has been an honor being here with you these last four months.

If you feel incomplete once this course is over, remember you can

email me with any questions you might have.

I will be happy to help continue guide you

through any doubts and fears that may come your way.

Know this:  You are a success.  You are a child of God

and God has a dream for you.

Even if you feel utterly convinced that you do not have a dream

or absolutely do not know what your dream is

trust me—if you are a human being (and I am assuming you are!)

you have a dream.  You have a Heart’s Desire.

If you don’t know what it is

that’s because it’s blocked—the channel to God’s voice is still blocked.

Clear the channel.  Utilize the power of forgiveness, discipline your thinking,

and be willing to become mentorable.

I have been saying from the beginning to get a buddy, a friend, a mentor

to keep you motivated and encouraged as you move through

this extraordinary, life-changing process.

One of the most helpful things I have done

is learning how to create a vision board or a dream board.

As a free gift for making it this far

I am including the link to the free ecourse that Lefty and I wrote in the exercise section of this post.

It’s yours for free and for fun and I hope you use it.  Cheers!

So here we go.  Paragraph’s 18 and 19 of Emmet Fox’s Heart’s Desire:

“It is most important to understand also that, for practical purposes, the amount of this Energy that one has at his command is limited, and therefore, all that is frittered away in unnecessary or trifling activity or thought is so much taken out of one’s capital, so much withdrawn from the things that really matter in life.  If only people understood this, they would save themselves a great deal of wear and tear in the course of a day.  And, if all waste is foolish, how much more deadly is it to squander one’s resources upon the kind of thinking that is absolutely destructive.  Yet, I have known people, as I suppose we all have, actually rehears trouble beforehand—thereby, of course, bringing it upon themselves—through saying such things as that they never had any luck, that they felt quite sure that some important scheme would fail, that they expected to be ill, and so on.  One who understands the Law of Being and how it works would no more think of wasting thought by allowing himself to occupy his mind with in harmony than a business man would dream of throwing away money into the gutter as he walked along the streets.”

As far as God is concerned, our supply of Divine Energy is, of course, absolutely unlimited; there is no check of any kind upon the amount of it that we can appropriate, or, therefore, upon the things that we can do or be.  Yet, for practical purposes, it remains that at any given time you can draw from the inexhaustible Source only in accordance with the measure of your understanding, just as you can draw water from the Atlantic only in accordance with the size of the vessel you use. If you have a pint pitcher you can get only a pint of ocean water, although the number of points in the Atlantic runs into inconceivable figures.  At the same time, it is well to remember that very few people do, in fact, draw anything like as much of the Divine Energy as they could draw, even with their present understanding.  Almost everyone is foolish content to fill his pitcher, small as it may be, to somewhere very far short of the top.”

Emmet Fox


What kinds of thoughts do you fritter away the Divine Energy thinking?  Mine are all forms of fear, self-doubt, self condemnation, condemnation of others, guilt and thoughts of anger.  When I began writing the book form of this ecourse, the first thought that popped in my head was: “You’re too old!  You’ll never get a book published.”  Using my mental disciplines as discussed in previous entries, I caught the thought, thanked it for coming, and then replaced it with a helpful thought: “Yeah, well, Lloyd C. Douglas didn’t publish his first book until he was 50!”  In addition, it became much easier to write a book once I paid back all the bookstores I had stolen from.  I used to get books at yard sales that were in good shape and then return them for store credit at major bookstore chains.  How could I ever expect to write a book when I carried guilt for those crimes?  Luckily I did make my amends, I paid back every cent—in person–and low and behold the book is done and being revised.  The point is the container becomes smaller and smaller the more we worry, fret, judge, fear, and give in to doubts. 

All of the Divine Energy is at our disposal.  We need only clean out the vessel.  The more we do the more it magically grows to be able to be filled to overflowing. 

Once again we are given the injunction: change how you think—that is one of the biggest keys-next to forgiveness that we have discussed here at Your Heart’s Desire.  Thoughts are things; we become what we think about; and so on.  I can only expect the channel to clear in direct proportion to my letting go of old patterns of negative thinking.  And most of that thinking is due to being wrapped around strong emotions like resentment, fear, and guilt.  Change how you think, make restitution, forgive, and them simply go to the water, go the Source, and dip your vessel in—draw out the holy Water of Life.  You will be given to overflowing once you kneel before that Source and receive in reverence, your own Heart’s Desire.

The basic gist of these paragraphs—LIVE your life—try not to worry, LIVE.  As much as we do not like to think about it, no one gets out of this world alive, and so it’s important that when death finds you, it finds you alive.  It is time to rise up and live your dreams.  Your Heart’s Desire is calling and aching to be shared with the world.


1). In what ways do you need to discipline your thinking?  Truly inventory what you spend your time thinking about the most.

2). Think about someone you know that is a chronic worrier.  What is your initial emotional response to them?  If it’s a negative one—I suggest you employ the spot-it-you-got-it principal and work on your worries.  Conversely, think about someone you know that is always happy and cheerful, who gets a lot done with little complaining.  Employ the spot-it-you-got-it principal here as well.  You must recognize something in them that you possess.  So do as they do.

3). What prayers, affirmations could you use to help replace the worry thoughts?


Meditation and mindfulness are two important practices we can use to help calm the mind.  So is exercise and physical activity.  Read over the following suggestions and use what you like.  There are a million books out there on meditation.  Find one that appeals to you and put its ideas into practice.  What follows are just the barest of beginnings.

1). Try practicing the following meditation techniques:  These may not seem like your traditional meditative practices as they do not involve sitting cross-legged or closing your eyes.  But they are meditative in nature and I have found them extremely effective in helping clear the channel to listen to my intuition.

a. Learn to listen to others tell stories about themselves.  To do this find someone, a friend, spouse, child, a senior citizen at an old-folk’s home, wherever, and ask them to tell stories about themselves.  Ask them specific questions you’d like to know—and little children and senior citizens are best for these—things like: what is prayer?  What do you think God is like?  Why are the clouds the way they are?  Ask a senior citizen what their hopes for the world are.  Ask the questions then listen…really listen.

b. Learn to be where you say you’re going to be when you say you’re going to be there.  This may sound trite or superficial, but I mean it one-hundred percent.  I used to consider myself “spiritual” but I did whatever I wanted—showed up late, if at all.  I broke commitments and promises, and so on.  Learning to be a person of my word has greatly lessoned my anxieties.  I needn’t walk around as afraid because I know I will only say yes to those things I can really follow through with.  I am learning to set boundaries.  So, as a life-long exercise—learn to be reliable and to keep commitments, and to commit wisely.

c. Find or write a positive affirmation and use it to replace the worries and anxieties that pass through your mind.  The trick is to learn to catch the unhelpful thoughts that you don’t want.  Try not to resist them or fight them.  Instead, just let them have their say, and then replace them with a more positive thought.

These three techniques, when used regularly, will help you develop, naturally, without force, your ability to listen to your intuition.  Intuition is all about active listening—to God, to others, and to yourself.  If you learn to really listen to others tell their stories and, while you’re listening to them, weave your story in with theirs, most of your problems will be solved.  And when you learn to be a reliable, committed person, you will feel less anxious and a lot happier.  And happiness helps clear the channel.

2). Visit, subscribe to, and study our sister blog: 7daymentaldiet ( and learn some very wise and practical ways to help you change your thinking.

3). Really begin focusing in on what Your Heart’s Desire is, what your goal is.

4). Start a Vision Board.  Here’s the link to the free ecourse that Lefty and I wrote.  I hope you use it and find it helpful:

Thank you for coming to Your Heart’s Desire.  We only have only one week left!  So get your dreams and goals in focus and keep moving on with your amends and with learning to listen to your intuition.  See you next week for the Grand Finale!



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