Ray’s Rays, Number 29: Support Queer Artists, by Radiance Angelina Petro

Ray’s Rays, Number 29:

Support Queer Artists


Radiance Angelina Petro





As Pride Month 2022 approaches, and corporations

begin to roll out their Pride gear, remember to support

queer artists (and by “artists,” I refer to craftspeople, writers, songwriters,

illustrators, comic and zine makers, dancers, sculptures,

and any and all form of people who create). While some may argue

that corporate Pride exposure is better than no corporate Pride exposure,

and maybe it is, but the fact remains

that it is commercialized and will end on June 30,

and we all know queer artists need money

and corporations don’t.

One thing I’ve learned being in the queer community

is that it is filled with the most amazingly talented, creative,

and most innovative artists anywhere. Go ahead–

go to Target and buy a Pride shirt, but please remember

to support queer artists. While capitalism is barbaric,

until it’s finally dismantled, we need money.

So, if a queer artist doesn’t have an Etsy shop or

some other selling platform, commission

something, ask them to paint/make/compose you something,

and PAY them. Buy something from them.

Go to the many Pride festivals and buy crafts

and artwork from queer artists. Share their

work on your social media and with family and friends.

Promote them, give them gift cards to art supplies stores,

help get their work hung/displayed in cafes and coffee shops,

maybe even use the money you were going to go

and buy some commercialized Pride item, and pay

the fee for a queer artist to have a table at a flea market

or Pride festival. There are a million and one ways

to support queer artists, and not just during Pride Month.

Let’s let that be a part of our activism. Not only does it mean

more positive representation, it saves lives.











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