Ray’s Rays-Number 25: The Finger Matters by Radiance Angelina Petro

Ray’s Rays: Number 25

The Finger Matters


Radiance Angelina Petro





In certain circles, the phrase: “Don’t focus

on the finger. The moon is the goal.”

In other words, “enlightenment,” is a “goal,”

and only the goal matters. Don’t focus on the way,

and, in this case, on the pointers along the way,

and, to bring it closer to this phrase—don’t focus

on the finger. Why always this instance that the body

isn’t a way to its own kind of enlightenment? Why

this idea that the body is something to be shed

if one wants to reach some faraway, spiritual goal?

Go ahead—focus on the goddamn finger. Fingers are amazing!

Focus on the hand—how it can do a myriad of creative

(and destructive) things. By extension—focus

on the body. Focus on the pointers—the little (and big)

signs along the way. Moreover—fuck the idea that there is

a goal. In my own practice of spiritual anarchy,

I resist the idea that meditation, spiritual practice, or anything

of that nature and notion has to have a goal–

that it has to be a competition. Because, of course,

once someone says they’ve reached “enlightenment,”

they suddenly claim (conscious or unconsciously)

some sort of power—some one-up-man-ship over others,

and suddenly there’s a twisted colonization of spiritual ideas

and the “teacher,” takes over a little group of forced,

perhaps coerced territory of people, where there are consequences

for not doing things, “the right way,” or for questioning,

or for leaving for a different group or teaching. This may all

sound extreme. I’ve seen it happen over and over though. If you

haven’t—good. For this Ray—perhaps practice focusing

on the body and the pointers. Perhaps forgo the notion

that the goal is high-away-somewhere that you can’t reach

unless you give up the body. Instead, practice loving the body

as its own form of holiness and embodied-body of light.

And please, to the best of your ability, try not to let anyone

tell you your body isn’t beautiful, that it isn’t a radical

manifestation of pleasure, joy, and the ability to move

between ideas, weather, prayers, devotions, and dimensions.





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