Ray’s Rays, Number 23: Resonances, by Radiance Angelina Petro

Ray’s Rays, Number 23



Radiance Angelina Petro







When my voice settles into/with a chord on the guitar

as I’m playing by myself or for a crowd, it’s magic.

Resonance—merging with—a kind of vibrational oneness–

it rests there—thrums in that moment—radiating

into/through my heart, my whole body, and then, out into the world.

It’s moments like these that my soul longs for.

Not necessarily from/with another person—like,

in a relationship, or a friendship, but that would be

OK if it ever happened. It’s more like longing for the healing

to settle into my whole body. When past traumas ring

in unison with my present shimmers of wholeness–

when the work I’ve done and the work I do

to make something of my life after sexual assault, rape,

molestation, physical and mental abuse—blends

with my body as it is and can rejoice a little–

safe in this moment—in this song I am singing–

in these strings I am strumming—heart strings,

and songs of hope, and realizations of being alive

and worthy to be alive. When the vibrations of the truth–

lived truth, lived experience, lived hurt, lived moments

of redeeming my own life—sound and spread through

branches of bones and body. It is possible. Healing.

I know it. I’ve experienced it. Whether you play a guitar

or any other musical instrument, whether or not you sing,

settle into/with those moments when you have even one

resonance of hope. Healing can be really fucking hard.

And it is also possible. You are not too broken. You are not

too far gone. You are worthy. You are a divine being

full of all the spiraling galaxies, who deserves all good things.

Whirl in those little moments of hope—

let them spread out/through your mind, heart, spirit,

and body—and then, out/into the world. For they will never

stop ringing, and they will shine forever through/with

the future of all.





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