Ray’s Rays, Number 18: Everyday Anarchy, by Radiance Angelina Petro

Ray’s Rays

Number 18

Everyday Anarchy


Radiance Angelina Petro






There are many forms of anarchy, and many ways

to be an anarchist. While the origins of the word

date back to around 400 BC, and mean, “Without

leader, or ruler-less,” it can be difficult in today’s

capitalist-terror regime to be “without a ruler.”

Most have to work, and many under oppressive conditions

where the amount of money made is barely enough

to live on, and very often it isn’t enough for that.

Many are forced to work abusive hours with hardly

a moment to breathe. Many people are “ruled,”

by asinine government policies, lack of medical insurance,

the barbaric costs of health care, the hassles to get on

food stamps, social security, and housing programs.

How can one rebel against such terrible, oppressive, racist,

classist, and cruel systems? How can one be an anarchist

in today’s world? It’s difficult and risky for most of us

to live outside the system–to fight against it. So what can we do?

Sometimes we need to turn to small, but mighty ways

to be an anarchist. Subversive ways. Sometimes

not even noticeable ways. But there are ways—everyday ways

to be an anarchist. For example, you can be an anarchist in your relationships–

and practice non-hierarchical ways to partner. You can

embrace sexual pleasure as a form of anarchy. You can

practice mutual aid and find ways to thwart capitalist-terror

and trade or exchange services and things with others in the community.

You can challenge gender roles, gender expressions,

and the cis-hetero normative trappings in society.

You can utilize local libraries as another way to bypass capitalism.

Perhaps you have the means to financially support mutual aid organizations

and other such community causes. You can volunteer to work

in community gardens, harm-reduction efforts, queer

community centers, and homeless shelters.

Some of these may not seem like anarchist activities,

but they are—they all challenge oppressive systems of government.

And there are many other ways to do so–inventive, unique, subversive ways.

So, go ahead, break some rules, get people upset,

and help change the world.





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